Are you feeling like an eternal bachelor? Maybe all of your friends are getting into serious relationships and you’re feeling like the odd man out. Finding the right girl and beginning a relationship can be difficult, especially after you’ve left that college environment when meeting new people was as easy as choosing to sit at a different table in the dining hall. There are a few tips to follow that will help you meet, impress, and start a relationship with the how to get a girlfriend1 How to Get a Girlfriend: Tips to Followgirl that catches your eye.

Tip 1: Know Where to Meet Girls

Knowing where to meet the girl that will potentially become your girlfriend depends on what age range you’re in. For those in college, the task is easy. Get involved in groups, organizations, and clubs. Whether it’s an intramural co-ed volleyball team or a service organization, joining a group will allow you to interact with women who have mutual interests. This will also give you a great conversation starter.

Those who are not in college might find it more difficult to meet people. However, there are still many opportunities to get involved in groups that will allow you to meet women with mutual interests. Check out running groups, book clubs, and professional organizations. Eventually, it may be time to branch out. Don’t be afraid to approach women at bars or social gatherings. You can start up a conversation anywhere. Who knows where it might lead?

Tip 2: Be Confident, Not Cocky

There’s a fine line between confidence and arrogance. Don’t cross that line. Women are, undoubtedly, attracted to confidence. When a man is sure of himself and comfortable in his own skin, it’s an attractive quality. Don’t be afraid of showing your quirky or nerdy side. When you’re meeting women, let them see you for who you are. That said, you don’t want to be so confident that you have an attitude that will turn women off before you get a single sentence out of your mouth. Bragging and giving the impression that you put yourself above others won’t get you far with most women.

Tip 3: Have Some Patience

Finding the right girl will probably take some time. It’s going to require patience. While you’re looking, try to keep your options open and approach many different women. Start conversations with women that you may not normally find yourself attracted to. Even if you don’t end up hitting it off, those conversations will give you some practice with talking to women and may help you figure out what it is that you’re looking for. If you have a fear of rejection, this is a good time to work on putting it behind you. Get used to asking for phone numbers and know that not every women is going to say yes. Be patient and know that the right girl will come along at the right time.

Tip 4: Steer Clear of the Friend Zone

After you’ve met a girl, there’s a period of time between the meeting and the beginning of a relationship. During that time, you want to make sure that you don’t get stuck in the friend zone. What’s the friend zone? It’s the space avoid the friend zone How to Get a Girlfriend: Tips to Followin a woman’s mind where she places men who she has no intention of getting into a relationship with. If you’re interested in dating a girl, this is not where you want to be. The friend zone can be avoided. Be sure that you make your intentions clear from the beginning. You don’t need to jump right into conversations about settling down together, but the woman should be aware that you’re looking for more than just friendship.
Is it possible to get out of the friend zone once you’re in? Sure. However, it will take much more time for a girl to make that jump. Many people believe in being friends before starting a relationship. If you both feel that’s the best option, go for it! Otherwise, make sure she knows what you’re looking for to avoid hurt feelings or uncomfortable conversations down the road.

Tip 5: Make Her Laugh

Marilyn Monroe was quoted as saying “if you can make a girl laugh, you can make her do anything” and that might just be true. Many girls are more attracted to a sense of humor than just about any other personality trait, at least in the beginning of a relationship. Being funny is a great way to catch a girl’s interested and keep her noticing you. A good joke will make you stand out in a crowd of other single men. Joke around to keep a girl interested, but be careful about making the switch from a good sense of humor to telling frat boy jokes that remind her of her younger brother.

Tip 7: Give Her Attention

make your girlfriend laugh e1387073006960 How to Get a Girlfriend: Tips to FollowWhen you’re interested in a woman, give her attention. Find ways to spend one on one time together. The obvious way to do this is by asking her on a date. However, if you find that a women you’re into isn’t initially showing interest, there are other ways to spend time together. Ask her to watch a movie. Invite her out for coffee. Spend time together in a group and find ways to start one on one conversations. As you talk, find ways to touch her without being inappropriate. Give her a hug when you greet her. Share a high five when you’re celebrating. Touch her arm or shoulder while you’re in a conversation. There are plenty of ways to touch a girl without making her feel awkward.

Tip 8: Show Her You Care

Make the transition from friendship to a relationship by showing a girl that you care. Be honest and be genuine. A girl wants to know that you’ll care for her and be there through thick and thin. When she’s having a tough day, be there to cheer her up. When she’s upset, be there to comfort her. Take time out of your schedule to be around her and let her know that you’re willing make sacrifices for her. A relationship needs to be build on trust and proving that you’ll be a consistent part of her life will help to build that trust.

If you are on the market for a relationship, then you have to approach dating in a certain type of way. If you are just looking to hook up with women, then how you act doesn’t matter as much because you only have to attract women to you for a short time. But if you want more, then read this article. It will teach you the ultimate top 10 tips to help you get a girlfriend.

1. Remember The Difference Between Masculine And Feminine
At our core, we are attracted to someone else because they display opposite characteristics than us in terms of femininity or masculinity. For instance, if you are extremely masculine, then you are likely attracted to veryboyfriend and girlfriend 10 Dating Tips To Get A Girlfriend feminine women. You should feel more comfortable or satisfied with that type of woman.

Even though masculine and feminine energies are opposite, they complement each other and promote harmony (think yin and yang). This is why a feminine male and a masculine woman can have a great relationship.

Therefore, date women who complement your dominant energy, whether it is masculine or feminine. And, don’t be afraid to display your characteristics to her. Masculine characteristics include the ability to solve conflict, take control, and make decisions.

Note: There is a fine line between masculine characteristics and jerk characteristics. In other words, taking control of a situation is a sexy masculine characteristic, but being controlling is not.

2. Show Respect
Opening doors, pulling out her chair, and allowing her to order first are all signs of respect. They are chivalrous traits that will never go out of style and will always make a woman feel like a woman.

Women want to be with a man who makes the effort to treat them like a lady. It shows them that you are not focused solely on your needs.

3. Show Confidence
how to get a girlfriend 10 Dating Tips To Get A Girlfriend Confidence is a masculine trait, but it goes beyond being masculine when trying to get a girlfriend. Confidence shows that you are someone who can face fears, go after what they want, and deal with rejection in a constructive way. All of these things are very attractive to anyone, man or woman.

If you want to be confident, but you are nervous, stay inside of your comfort zone. Go to places that you enjoy being at, talk about things you are comfortable talking about, and try not to act like someone you are not. If you are uncomfortable and try to be confident at the same time, women are either going to see right through your act or you will look like a jerk; either way, women will not view you as boyfriend material.

4. Smell Unique
You can’t help your natural smell, and the truth is that if a woman is not attracted to your natural smell, you may not have a chance with her. As humans, we are still instinctively attracted to people on a biological level, whether we are aware of it or not. So, your smell is going to be attractive to some women, but not to all. This is why even the hottest and nicest man will not be attractive to every single woman.

However, you can go beyond your natural smell to get a girlfriend. Smells can instantly produce emotions in women. For instance, if a woman was mistreated by a man who wore a certain type of cologne then she will associate that smell with that man, and any other man who is wearing that cologne will be judged before he even gets to talk to her. That is why it is important to create a unique scent that will hold no bad memories for her or remind her of her old boyfriend that may have her thinking about him, not you.

You can create a unique scent at many scent shops. It is well worth the effort, time, and money if you want a girlfriend.

5. Dress To Provide
As I said, women are attracted to men, in part, on a biological level, and dressing nicely not only sends a positive message about your habits and self-care, but it also makes you look like a good provider on an instinctual level.

Whether a woman needs a man to provide for her or not, she still carries that urge to find a man who could if she needed him to. Therefore, if you don’t have any fashion skills, consult with someone who does, because it is very important to landing the girlfriend you want to land.

6. Pay Attention To Her
When you are out, do not have wandering eyes for other women. The woman you are with should be your focal point. If not, she will start to wonder if your intentions are to play the field, and she will guard herself against the date your girlfriend 10 Dating Tips To Get A Girlfriend possibility that she is going to be hurt soon.

If that happens, she may start to view you through a negative lens, and that could ruin your chances with her in the end. In other words, she may decide that your wandering eyes are only going to cause her pain and call it quits before you have a chance to prove otherwise.

7. Be Positive
Don’t complain about the traffic, the waiter, or the cost of the bill. Women do not want to be with a man who has a pessimistic outlook on life. Why? They are a drag to be around.

A woman is not looking for a man who will suck out happiness from her life. She is looking for a man who will make her happier, and a man who complains a lot is not the man to fill that role.

8. Be Funny
A woman wants a man who is going to make her laugh. In fact, according to a study done by Stanford University School of Medicine in California, women appreciate humor in men because they are genetically hardwired to do so. Besides genetics, laughter produces a bunch of feel good hormones in the body, and when she feels good around you, she feels good about you.

9. Stroke Their Ego
An ego is a part of every human being, and when it is stroked, we naturally feel better about ourselves and the person who is making us feel good.

The biggest way to make her feel good is to compliment her. You can boost her self-esteem about her looks, humor, intelligence, and more. The trick to making this work is to be genuine. When you see something worth complimenting, don’t miss the opportunity to do so.

10. Be Sexual
be sexual to get a girlfriend 10 Dating Tips To Get A Girlfriend Lastly, a woman has to be sexually attracted to you in order to want to be with you. All of the above things will make you sexually attractive to a woman, because a woman is turned on by a good personality, future potential, and a man who knows how to treat a woman; however, you also need to physically raise her arm hair in order to round out the sexual interest.

Use flirting to your advantage. Make eye contact that tells her you are interested and attracted to her. In addition, touch her hand, arm or back to create that physical energy between the two of you and turn her mind towards your physical touch. Show her that you are sexually attracted to her and she will think about you in a sexual way too.

Here’s a video with some tips. It’s kinda funny but some of the stuff is pretty good.